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When you look back at your life, does it make sense to you? Mine didn’t at the time, but it does  now. You see, there was no school advisor pointing me in the direction of my chosen career. It might be that I have definitely taken the long road to discover my purpose, yet every wrong turn and blind alley has served to deliver the next important lesson to me and slowly and surely I’ve been directed by an unseen force, to craft a career around a most unlikely subject, but something that affects every single living person on our planet. What am I talking about?  Poo.


I’d always been what Jane Austen describes as ‘a connoisseur of human folly’ - someone interested in the motivations and behaviours of others - but it wasn’t until my late twenties that I embarked on a journey of personal healing and self development, largely motivated by own extremely poor physical and mental health problems. Encouraged by the speedy results of complementary and alternative medicine (energy medicine) I attained a B.A. (Hons) Degree in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture, but it wasn’t until 2005 that the real game changer came into my life - colon hydrotherapy or what used to be called colonic irrigation.


I was so impressed by the impact that this simple treatment had on my physical, mental and emotional health that I knew from the bottom of my heart (see what I did there) that I had to study to become a practitioner of colon hydrotherapy. I wanted to help others literally clear out the cr@p from their body, mind and spirit and help them reveal their true potential - the person that somehow gets lost along the way.  I set up The Healthy Gut Clinic in Chippenham, Wiltshire, where I’ve worked with thousands of men and women from all walks of life.


I’m very intrigued by the influences of the sub-conscious mind on bowel behaviour and incorporate this into my work with clients.


There are so many misconceptions around the bowel. Some give it no consideration whatsoever, others just dismiss it as merely a conduit for human waste products - but it can reveal so much more to us if we approach it from a new perspective, and so I find myself now eager to share my experiences of working first hand with this incredibly intelligent human organ with a wider audience.  


My mission is to inform and educate on the subject of poo and overall gut health, so that no-one suffers in silence or feels too embarrassed to seek the help which could improve the quality of their life.





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'It was so easy to work with Katherine, we had a pre talk conversation and Katherine made herself available for a teaser FB Live to our audience. Katherine arrived super early and was totally prepared for her talk with a display and presentation.


The talk title and what was delivered were a perfect match, in fact the talk exceeded what I expected, I never imagined that by the end of the talk a group of women would be talking about their own toilet habits so freely. Katherine created this by bringing in humour, lots of it, and permission that it’s ok to talk about poo!


Our club is called Live Laugh Love Ladies Club and we love to inspire and educate, Katherine Inspired us with her own story, Educated us on our toilet habits and as an added bonus and something we are passionate about, she made us all belly laugh on many occasions!


The biggest take away for our audience was that perceived serious topics don’t have to be taught in a serious way.


I would absolutely recommend Katherine as a speaker, you’ll leave educated, inspired and sharing funny stories of hers for months to come… '


- Sarah-Jane Rossiter

Live Laugh Love Ladies Club