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Talking About the Brown Stuff

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I offer keynote speeches lasting between 30 and 90 minutes, tailored to your event. Like many other motivational speakers, the story of my personal journey from broken to whole, from scared to courageous, from follower to leader shows that we can all do that, with a little guidance and support. My hope is to inspire others, enabling them to make changes in their own lives.


In addition to my own journey of personal transformation, I also twenty years’ experience as a complementary health practitioner and am qualified in several different therapy disciplines including energy medicine and energy psychology.


Talking About “The Brown Stuff” is not an easy subject to get across to an audience. I use playful humour and storytelling to hopefully elicit a few belly laughs. This reduces embarrassment around the subject matter and helps to transmit the underlying gravity of the message around health.


The Process


Get in touch to talk about what you need. You can call or email using the details above to start the conversation. Here are just a few reasons why your group or your employees may benefit:


  • Raise consciousness around health

  • Reduce sickness in the workplace

  • Break a few taboos and tackle a tricky subject

  • Find out just how interesting the gut is


For the talk


We’ll decide on an appropriate date, time and fee depending upon your requirements. Talks can take anything from 30 to 90 minutes so we’ll discuss the duration at this point as well.


You supply:


  • The room

  • Seating

  • A forum for advertising, if required

  • A projecter and screen where possible


I will supply:


  • An informative, engaging and inspirational talk or workshop

  • Publicity through social media and website if it is a public engagement

  • Course materials for workshops as appropriate




I’ll supply some feedback forms so we can all check how things went. If you want, I can also create certificates for participants afterwards for a nominal cost.








'Did you feel that the content was relevant to the talk title?

Yes, it was very relevant


Do you believe I delivered value to your group?  

Indeed, the information was relevant, thought provoking, well delivered and entertaining!


What was the biggest take away for the audience?  

We need to look after our guts and pay attention to our poo!


Would you be happy to recommend me to others as a speaker?  

Absolutely, without hesitation!'


- Tanya Maidment

Green Life Organics

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